Herbal Medicine Matrix

This is a very simple example of an herbal medicine matrix that can be used in the CREATE program. An herbal medicine matrix describes the curative strategies followed for different illnesses and can be used to encourage participants to analyze their understanding of the different causes of illnesses. I recommend that participants use actual leaves of each herb in making this matrix if possible. These can be labelled if the facilitator knows the names of the herbs; otherwise, the facilitator can research and write the names in the following lesson.

An herbal medicine matrix to show the number of people who use a certain herb to treat a certain ailment


This herbal medicine matrix is based on the descriptions and illustrations in the REFLECT Mother Manual (Archer & Cottingham, 1996).  All of the sample graphics on this website are intended to help facilitators and planners to visualize completed graphics rather than to give a standard for how the graphics should look.

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